BASEC Branch Student Athlete Plan

We’ve provided sample daily schedules and goal plans for the different types of students that use BASEC Branch. We will develop an individualized plan for every student!

A daily schedule for a student athlete may look like this:

2:25-2:35 PM

  • After School Check-in
  • Eat snack/Unwind from school day

2:35-3:00 PM

  • Check into Branch
  • Prioritize daily assignments
  • Complete most difficult assignment

3:00-4:30 PM

  • Sports Practice

4:30 PM

  • Check back into Branch
  • Make plan for remaining work, sign out

A goal plan for a student athlete may look like this:

Category Goals
Organization Student should spend time every Monday organizing binder, and filing away old work.
Planning/Prioritizing Student should make a plan for upcoming long term assignments, tests, and quizzes daily.
Assignment Completion Student should verify assignments on Edline daily.
Time Management Student should check into Branch by 2:35.
Planning/Prioritizing Student should aim to complete most dreaded/difficult assignment before sports practice.

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