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*Please note! Before and After School programming may remain modified as we enter into or progress through the 21-22 school year. These health and safety measures may affect both capacity and the schedules available. When registering, please register for all of the days you would like your child to attend. Schedule policies for 21-22 will be communicated ahead of final commitment for the school year.
Please note: we will be closing registration temporarily for all Maynard programs on 8/26/21 and for all Belmont programs on 9/2/21 to prepare for the start of the school year. Please be sure to register by these dates to start the school year at BASEC! We will reopen registration for mid-September start dates after 9/8/21.
For questions regarding registration and enrollment, please contact Andrew Mountford (

You may securely enroll your child online. Please use the registration link below to sign up for the appropriate program.

Other Helpful Information

Vacation Programs

For more information and online registration for our Summer, February and April vacation programs click here.

Tuition Payments

You can also pay your tuition online.

Tuition Assistance

Find more information about BASEC’s tuition assistance.

About Registration Fee

BASEC is now Registration Fee-Free!

 About Tuition Deposit

The tuition deposit ($300 for Burbank; $350 for Chenery; and $485 for Summer) is required at registration and is a part of the annual tuition. This non-refundable fee is applied to your final tuition payment (May 10 for before and after school tuition; June 15 for summer tuition).

Withdrawing from BASEC programming forfeits the tuition deposit.

 About Schedule Changes

*During modified programming due to the pandemic, BASEC is requiring a registration contract for the entire school year. This was implemented for the 20-21 school year, and may be required for 21-22. The below information reflects BASEC’s schedule change policy during normal programming.

Once registered, your student’s schedule is set for the start of the school year. Because many factors of our operations are tied closely to our enrollment, we open one window of time for the year (January 1 – January 15) for schedule changes that reduce the number of days that a student attends. During that January change period, you may reduce the number of days your child attends without fee (please keep in mind that withdrawing from the program completely still forfeits the tuition deposit left at registration).

Because we value being as flexible as possible, schedule changes outside of the January change period are permissible, but are subject to the following conditions:

  • Reductions in schedule are subject to a $100 schedule change fee
  • “Lateral” changes or additions to schedule require sufficient space in the program and staff ratio compatibility

Please contact Andrew Mountford for more information about this policy.

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