Other Maynard Programs

At Maynard we offer other programs you might be interested in!

BASEC makes an effort to respond to community needs as they arise from year to year. Below are three programs we created in response to community feedback! Click the links below to learn more about these other programs.

Maynard BASEC K-Days

BASEC’s K-Days program delivers programming during school hours for kindergarten students during the last days of the regular school year for grades 1 – 3. Each day will consist of a variety of curricula (such as art, STEM & sports). Dates are determined by the number of snow days that occur. In the 2023-2024 school year the K-Days program will take place June 12-14th.

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Maynard Extended Year

The BASEC @ Maynard Extended Year operates when a gap exists between the last day of school and the beginning of BASEC Summer Vacation Camp. Extended year is more laid back than our regular camp weeks — we prioritize time for play and hanging out with friends and teachers. Students experience a variety of STEM, Art, and Crafting activities, as well as water play!

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BASEC @ Maynard Early Release Package

The BASEC Early Release (ER) Package allows families to register for BASEC After School for all ER days throughout the year, including the last day of school. The package is perfect for families in need of care and want their child to spend their day in a fun and enriching environment.

In the 2023-2024 school year, students grades 1st-8th will have a total of 10 ER days, including the last day of school. Kindergarten students will have 9 (Last day for kindergarten will be a full day). Join us for fun filled field trips, performances, and more! A prorated tuition is applied to anyone registration mid-year.

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