Belmont BASEC at Chenery – Workshops for kids!

Weekly one-on-one tutoring

Our one-on-one tutoring program targets support on executive function skill-building or specific academic content. Sessions are custom-designed to best meet your child’s needs. We draw on our strong long-standing relationships with classroom teachers to align our sessions with current classroom learning. And to keep you updated on progress, we report back to you with the focus of our session and on which areas students should continue practice.

Each tutoring session will meet for 30  minutes. We believe that tutoring should foster a growth mindset and our teachers focus on that goal to determine the flow and duration of each session.


  • 10 session with a BASEC Teacher: $450
  • 10 Sessions with a BHS Student Teacher: $250

To learn more or to schedule, please contact BASEC @ Chenery’s Assistant Director, Blake Stensland at blake.stensland@belmontbasec.org

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