FAQs for BASEC Parents

What advantages does BASEC offer my child?

BASEC programs offer a host of advantages. We are able to integrate learning and build bridges between the family, school and community. BASEC offers youth the following advantages:

  1. Community service + internships
  2. Social skills: confidence, mindfulness, independence, acceptance
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Diverse activities
  5. Homework help and organization skills
  6. Flexible schedule
  7. Citizenship
  8. Multi-age activities with mentoring of youngest students
  9. Developing 21st century skills: communication, problem solving, collaboration, team work, social awareness, mindfulness
  10. Bridge between school and home

Will the Collaborative ever seek a consolidated location with more than one school at one site?

There is no plan to change the location of existing programs. Many strengths of high-quality after school programming are rooted in a program’s relationship with the school where it’s housed. Each school has its own expectations, values and neighborhood feel that are integral to the students’ learning experiences. After schools can create a unique bridge, not only with the space itself, but also with the teachers and the school community.

This connection opens the door for after school programs to provide enrichment opportunities that do not necessarily fit into the school curriculum.

Is the Collaborative seeking to expand to additional schools?

Please see statements from BASEC and the BASEC Board regarding potential expansion.

Statement from BASEC on the town-wide discussion about after school programs

Statement from the BASEC Board of Directors on Belmont After School Programming

For continued conversation on this topic, please contact Andrew Mountford (andrew.mountford@belmontbasec.org)

FAQs About the BASEC Board

Can I join the board?

Yes, parents whose children are enrolled in BASEC are encouraged to join the board. No prior experience is necessary. Members of the community with special expertise to share are also invited to apply for board membership.

I want to participate in the BASEC community, but I am not sure whether the BASEC Board is the right fit for me?

Each BASEC Site engages its family and school community in a multitude of ways. Open houses provide opportunities to open dialogue about program direction and goals. Site administrators are available at key points of registration and introduction to the program, as well as at sign out each day. We invite participation through surveys and email correspondence on a regular basis. Please speak to your Site Director for more information on getting involved.

The Board of Directors consists of the volunteer parents/ guardians of the children in the program, community members, and ex-officio members. Each participating Program Site shall have a minimum of one parent representative on said Board.

What is the role and responsibility of the BASEC Board of Directors?

The Board oversees compensation, policy and program structure on a macro BASEC level. Board members are non-compensated volunteers who work to make BASEC a best-of-breed community after school program serving Belmont school parents and caregivers.

  • Approving long-term goals for the organization
  • Monitoring short term goals for the organization
  • Reviewing and approving the budget
  • Approving capital purchases and major repairs
  • Making decisions about and accepting responsibility for any renovations, leasing and expansion to physical sites for programs
  • Adopting financial and administrative policies for fees, billing, credit and collections
  • Allocating line items for salaries in budget
  • Making recommendations for program and staff development
  • Conducting the performance evaluation of the executive director
  • Reviewing policies and benefits packages regarding health, dental, flexible spending accounts, life, short and long term disability insurance for employees, as well as liability insurance for BASEC and program staff
  • Overseeing compliance with relevant state and federal laws
  • Developing policies for BASEC

When are officers and board members elected?

Elections occur at the end of the year, for typically two year terms. BASEC boasts many Board and Site Council members who have served for multiple years, testament to the devotion of parents to the BASEC mission and vision.

FAQs for BASEC Staff

How can I apply for a job at BASEC?

Contact the Executive Director: Andrew.mountford@belmontbasec.org. Please see our Careers page for current openings.

Can Belmont/Maynard teachers work at BASEC?

Yes! Some beloved elementary and middle school-day teachers work at BASEC, supervising homework, playing outside, teaching workshops, and getting to know students better.

Are there any job openings for High School Students?

Yes, each year we employ a handful of high school students at BASEC. In 2016, we developed a comprehensive training initiative, called our Future Teacher Program. This program combines classroom instruction regarding our philosophy, behavior management, and academic support skills, coupled with on-site training. At BASEC, we feel strongly that providing meaningful work experiences for many of our community’s young people has far-reaching positive impact.

Volunteering with BASEC receives community service credit, and also opens the door to become a paid employee of BASEC starting as a sophomore.

This is a great opportunity for any students looking to build a résumé or starting to think about their college applications, or just students looking for a fun extra-curricular activity.

Any students interested should contact Annie Gladfelter (annie.gladfelter@belmontbasec.org).

Do you offer health insurance or any other benefits to BASEC team members?

Yes. BASEC employees working 20 or more hours per week are eligible for benefits. Our benefits package includes:

  • Membership in our health insurance group with BASEC contribution of 75%;
  • Membership in our dental insurance group with BASEC contribution of 50%;
  • $50,000 Term Life Insurance, with the option of Employee-funded supplemental coverage at our group rate;
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Optional pre-tax Flexible Spending Account

When a new program joins BASEC, what happens to existing staff at that program?

Collaboration among after school programs doesn’t mean the skills and talents of the current staff are not necessary. Educators who have dedicated their time, effort and commitment to our out-of-school time programs are valuable assets. In the framework of a collaborative, they will enjoy richer opportunities for professional growth and more specialized positions. The opportunity to run enrichment classes, the potential to deploy staff across programs to create more job hours, and the sharing of other benefits of a larger staff base are positive impacts an umbrella organization can offer to staff.

A larger program can employ staff people with specialized backgrounds. Collaboration also provides staff with some upward mobility within the organization, leading to longer retention for high-quality staff.

FAQs by Location

FAQs About Vacation Programs

When are the vacation programs offered?

February and April school vacations, and also summer. There is a separate tuition for this programming.

Can students from the Butler, Winn Brook, and Wellington Schools join the fun?

Yes, the vacation camps welcome students from all 4 Belmont elementary schools, plus the Chenery Middle School. Each year, we have more and more students.

Have additional questions not answered here? Contact us.

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