7th–8th Grade Overview

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Welcome to BASEC @ BMHS Lower School Program for Grades 7 – 8!

What is BASEC @ BMHS 7 – 8?

BASEC @ BMHS 7 – 8 is an after school program designed to meet the interests and needs of middle school students. We create positive spaces for students to hang out with friends, explore interests, and efficiently meet their academic responsibilities.

Flexible Options for Families

In order to accommodate varying needs, BASEC @ BMHS 7 – 8 will have two participation options:

  • “After Hang” plus daily enrichment programming across domains such as physical activity, STEM, arts, Dungeons @ Dragons club, and others.
  • Full Programming (Above options plus access to academic and executive function support)

Each option has its own tuition schedule, which can be referenced on our tuition page. Parents will be able to adjust their student’s participation option each academic quarter to accommodate other extracurricular activities.

“Belmont After Hang”

Coined by current BASEC 6th and 7th graders, “Belmont After Hang” (or BAH) will be our general after school space. We are planning to have lots of areas within the space for students to decompress and connect with friends in a positive way each day. Comfortable seating; light music; table games like chess, ping-pong, and Foosball; and enough separate spaces for a wide spectrum of activities. This option is perfect for students that need a positive space to hang out with friends after school or during seasons with extracurricular commitments that require students to be on-campus for blocks of time before and/or after those extracurriculars are scheduled.


Enrichment is a core element of the BASEC experience — and our new 7 – 8 program will seek to make available as many options as we can to engage our students. We know that a STEM space that allows for exploration and inquiry as “makers” or designers is a must for many students. We also know that a space for physical activity like planned games and sports is necessary for many students and we’ll be making use of indoor and outdoor spaces for those options. Our new Enrichment Specialist, Carter Eichenberg, will be planning and implementing choices for students that span the range from daily tinkering on challenges to projects that have a longer duration and involve deeper learning and community impact.

Full Programming Option

Our full programming option will add our academic support program resources.

Academic Support

Each student in the Belmont Public School system must develop a homework and study routine — the expectations are set high in our district! Our academic support involves a quiet, productive space that is filled with resources that participating students can access when needed. Beyond that fundamental starting point, academic support is increasingly individualized at BASEC. We set goals for students that help to build a successful routine (using executive function coaching practices like project pacing, prioritization, and time management), make resources available for content support, create accountability built upon strong relationships, and report progress and challenges to parents. Because of our long partnership with Belmont Public Schools, we have many relationships with faculty that we can draw upon for strategies to best support student needs.

Program Hours

End of the school day until 6:00 PM. Early release days may sometimes include field trip options.

Program Spaces

All programming will take place at BMHS, especially using classrooms and spaces in the 7 – 8 grade wing. More details will be provided when space decisions are finalized during the summer of 2023.


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