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Makerspace Junior Camp Curriculum

BASEC’s Makerspace Jr. presents age-appropriate challenges to younger makers, allowing them to set their own goals and work at their own pace. Junior makers will be able to learn from one another and draw on the expertise of older students via feedback throughout the problem-solving process.

What is a Makerspace? It’s a place to design, code, build, and craft, turning ideas into physical realities!

The primary goal of a Makerspace is to have learners create their own knowledge by creating and interacting with physical objects. Relying on an environment ripe for exploration, innovation, and collaboration, the Maker Movement believes that “learning happens best when learners construct their understanding through a process of constructing things to share with others.”

To learn more about how Makerspaces foster determination, independence, and an authentic preparation for the real world through simulating real-world challenges, click here to read about the educational principles behind the Maker Movement, or watch the video below.

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