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Makerspace Camp Curriculum

Grades: 4 – 8

The primary goal of a Makerspace is to have learners create their own knowledge by creating and interacting with physical objects. Relying on an environment ripe for exploration, innovation, and collaboration, the Maker Movement believes that “learning happens best when learners construct their understanding through a process of constructing things to share with others.”

After being exposed to a variety of materials and approaches, students will specialize in one area and be responsible for integrating their contribution into the group project. Students have autonomy to work in their area of choice; creativity and project-based exploration will drive the boundaries of their work. The BASEC STEM team will be the project managers, keeping student work directed toward the goal.

Summer campers in our first Makerspace program used 3D printing, Ableton music producing software, stop motion animation, and video editing to create a music video. Click here to watch.

To learn more about how Makerspaces foster determination, independence, and an authentic preparation for the real world through simulating real-world challenges, click here to read about the educational principles behind the Maker Movement, or watch the video below.

For more information, please contact us at vacationcamp@belmontbasec.org

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