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Summer STEM

Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

For 2019, we’re building on our popular Full STEAM Ahead and Silly Science curriculum choices from prior camps. Incorporating new curriculum

The scientist’s laboratory and the artist’s studio are two of the last places reserved for open-ended inquiry. We bridge STEM to STEAM by integrating the arts with our popular silly science vacation curriculum in this project-based section. STEAM and arts integration are crucial in K – 12 education, engaging students in the STEM subjects and ensuring that creativity isn’t left behind as we seek solutions to problems. Artists and scientists tend to approach challenges by the same open-mindedness and inquisitiveness–they make natural partners!

STEM is a curriculum choice that typically runs each of the first 8 weeks of BASEC summer camp. Some weeks will include one section (typically spanning 2 of the 3 grades), while other weeks may incorporate multiple sections so that instruction can be diversified to meet the broader age range. We will utilize enrollment and choices reported by parents to try and best meet the level of interest of all of our summer campers with appropriately rigorous programming.

Instructor: Annie Gladfelter

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