Sample Daily Schedule

Belmont BASEC at Chenery – Workshops for kids!

After School

Check-in: 2:25-2:35 PM

(1:15 PM on Wednesdays; 11:00 AM on Early Release Days)
Check-in and attendance in the cafeteria. We begin each day with a group meeting, designed to review the day’s schedule, check in about any changes, and go over expectations. This transitional meeting helps the students of BASEC settle into the day’s program and feel prepared for the upcoming activities. Those students that have other obligations within the school (PTO clubs, their classroom teacher’s homework club, etc.), sign in to after school before heading to their activities. After the daily trivia, students have first snack.


BASEC teacher and kitchen supervisor, Melissa Moran, make BASEC @ Chenery snack a special part of the day. First snack favorites are nachos, homemade mac & cheese, hotdogs and yogurt parfaits!

BASEC Branch: 2:45-4:30 PM

BASEC Branch, 7th and 8th grades: Meets in the library’s computer lab. BASEC Branch fosters executive function skills and provides homework support to meet the demanding academic expectations of Chenery’s upper school. Our students take responsibility for homework and projects, organize and prioritize their academic schedules and work on their assignments with their peers in a positive, resource-filled environment.

Library and Homework Club: 2:45 – 5:30 PM

The Library and Homework Club opens at 2:45 each day. 5th and 6th graders must check in at Homework Club before 3:30 to set a plan for the day. BASEC teachers support important executive function skills like managing breaks, working in a quiet space and planning an individual schedule that makes time for choices and completing assignments. You’ll notice our blue stamp “Checked by BASEC Homework Club” at the top of your child’s homework each day it is completed at BASEC. Parents indicate on the enrollment form whether most or all homework is completed at BASEC homework club, as well as whether students complete their required classroom reading each day at after school. Students check in with the reading log teacher to have their reading timed each day.

Please contact BASEC Academic Director, Trevor Donahue, for more information.

2:45-5:00 PM

Unstructured outdoor play; structured gym games; student-choices such as legos, games, and socializing with friends; sports leagues.

Workshops!: 3:30-4:30 PM

Please click here for more information about our BASEC @ Chenery Workshops.

3:30-5:30 PM

BASEC visual arts specialist, Jamie Meditz, prepares an art project each day. We use a variety of media in our projects each day; students work with different materials and use different skills. Some projects follow a particular procedure (such as balsa-wood planes and basket-weaving), while others require students to make decisions about the construction and materials involved. All of the art projects bring out the students’ wonderful imaginations and creativity.

4:30 PM

Students regroup with a brief meeting and light snack of fruit or vegetables.

5:45 PM


6:00 PM

Final pick up/sign out

*Please Note: If you are running late for pickup, please call the Chenery site at (617) 484-8030. We do not routinely check email during pickup hours, so phone calls are best. There is a charge of one dollar per minute for pick-ups after 6:00, which will be billed separately.

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