Sample Daily Schedule

Belmont BASEC at Burbank – Workshops for kids!

Before School

7:30-8:30 AM

Before School takes place in the Burbank Cafeteria. Students may arrive any time between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. Students play games, do arts and crafts projects, talk, eat breakfast; sometimes we go to the gym for a run around or an organized game. At 8:30, students are released to the cafeteria or blacktop area to meet with their classroom teachers and kindergarten students are walked to the appropriate line-up area in the second grade hallway.

After School

Each classroom teacher at the Burbank School has a list of his or her students attending after school each day. At the beginning of the year, students are walked down to after school check-in. As the year progresses, and as they are ready, students take on more of this responsibility. Students check in at after school with the teacher at the front desk. The front desk teacher ensures that all scheduled students are present. Kindergarten students are picked up from kindergarten classrooms by BASEC staff and walked to their meeting space in the library.

Check-in: 2:50 PM

(1:40 PM on Wednesdays, 11:40 AM on Early Release Days)

Snack: 2:50-3:05 PM

Each day the BASEC staff provides students with a healthy snack that includes a carbohydrate and fruit or vegetable to help them maintain the energy needed to get through the day.

Play/Social Time: 2:50-3:05 PM

Students play games with friends, build with Legos, K’nex and other BASEC materials.

Workshops!: 3:00-4:00 PM

Please click here for more information about our BASEC @ Burbank Workshops .

Tile Talk: 3:05 PM

Tile Talk is our group meeting. It provides the daily program with structure, student expectations and a sense of belonging and community. We review the daily schedule, discuss upcoming events and review pertinent rules. We recognize students who are contributing positively to the BASEC community. Teachers will sometimes model behavior through short plays or social stories.

Outside / Gym: 3:20-5:40 PM

Students need an opportunity to get some exercise after a long day in the classroom. We believe that physical activity and play are very important for children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. The BASEC staff supervises and organizes many different activities such as sports, games and dance. Our BASEC Sports Specialist prepares games that build gross motor and specific sport skills, as well as fostering team play and sportsmanship.

Mindfulness Breathing: 4:00-4:10 PM

Current research indicates that mindfulness practice helps students to calm their minds and bodies, sustain their attention and decrease the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. Each day, as part of our transition to homework, we practice mindful breathing and movements and discuss with students the impact that this daily routine has on our brains.

Homework: 4:10-5:30 PM

Our homework routine is a fundamental element of our cognitive control and executive function curriculum. Teachers structure homework so that students have a positive, effective work environment and learn how to manage their time and projects. All students in grades 2 – 4 do homework at after school and many parents of first graders elect to send students to homework after speaking to their classroom teachers. Although the BASEC teachers do not provide individual tutoring during typical homework sessions, homework is supervised and teachers are available to answer questions and keep students focused on work. While BASEC educators do check homework for completion and accuracy, it is important for parents to check assignments at home, as well. You’ll notice our blue stamp “Checked by BASEC Homework Club” at the top of your child’s homework each day it is completed at BASEC. Students also are required to do their required classroom reading each day at after school. Students check in with the reading log teacher to have their reading timed each day.

Art and STEM Projects: 4:00-5:30 PM

The BASEC Visual Art Specialist and STEM Specialist prepare art and STEM projects each day. We use a variety of media in our projects – each day students work with different materials and use different skills. Some projects follow a particular procedure, while others require students to make decisions about the construction and materials involved. BASEC’s philosophy of engaging student interest through inquiry and goal-setting drives our lesson planning in each curriculum strand.

Clean Up / Cafeteria: 5:40 to 5:50 PM

We finish our day in the cafeteria. Students play games, read books and unwind.

*Please Note: If you are running late for pickup, please call the Burbank site at 781-296-2471. We do not routinely check email during pickup hours, so phone calls are best. There is a charge of one dollar per minute after 5:50 PM, which will be billed separately.

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