Peer Tutoring Program


  • Putting in extra effort can be essential to academic success.
  • Our tutors have recently covered the material and excelled in their subjects.
  • Our tutors provide support and coaching strategies for current assignments, help students with setting studying priorities, and prioritize areas of greatest need.
  • Working with a peer creates a different dynamic and fresh perspective from which to engage the content.


  • Tutoring is available every day at BASEC @ BMHS. Our team of peer tutors fill time blocks for each afternoon so that support is available when our students need it.
  • BASEC teachers coordinate and support consistent weekly meeting times.
  • Support can also be delivered on an as-needed basis — which has been our most popular option for participating students!


  • Tutoring takes place in our BASEC @ BMHS classroom — currently in the Media Center at BHS.


  • All tutors complete a 6+ hour training program focused on effectively providing content support and executive function coaching. Tutors are referred by their classroom teachers, who recommend them based on their success in the content area.
  • Our administrators continuously evaluate the sessions, tracking students’ work and topics covered during each session. You’ll receive a weekly update on your student’s progress.

For more information, or to inquire about the upcoming session, please contact:


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