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Welcome to BASEC @ BHS, the after school program focusing on academic support and organizational skills at Belmont High School.

What is BASEC @ BHS?

When many people think about high school academic support, they envision the specialized content tutor, who can help a student ace a math test or get an ‘A’ on a chemistry quiz. At BASEC @ BHS, we do value and provide content support, but we believe it’s necessary to re-frame goals to reflect how daily practice can shape one’s identity. We help students own their academic performance by supporting and holding students accountable to successful, realistic routines.

  • Supervised place for BHS students to do homework after school–with in-person and virtual options to meet COVID health and safety guidelines
  • Personal attention for developing effective study habits
  • Executive function and cognitive control support
  • Flexible program that works with sports and activities schedules

Where and When?

  • Monday – Friday, 2:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Students align with BASEC instructors to set up appointments for tutoring and EF coaching
  • Located in the BHS library
  • Drop in before or after sports practices or extra curricular activities to get homework done



  • Learn important organizational, time management, and study skills
  • Flexible, personalized program fits with students’ other activities
  • Build connections with teachers, peers, guidance counselors
  • Opportunities for community service
  • Personal attention, focus on individual learners
  • Parents receive regular communication from BASEC Site Director
  • 1-on-1 peer tutoring (CLICK HERE for more information on our Tutoring Packages)

Research shows high-quality after school programs boost students’ academic performance, work habits and social skills:

We have enrollment options available to meet the needs of every student and every family. Please click here to see our enrollment options.

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