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Springtime Science: Dirt, Bugs, and Blooms w/ Ola (Grades 3-5)

in: Virtual on: Friday
meets: 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/30
time: 4:00-5:00

Do you like getting your hands dirty? When you see a weird bug, do you take a closer look while your friends run the other way? Do you love when the snow melts and green things start growing again? If so this workshop is for you!

We will hatch praying mantises, build bee homes, germinate seeds, and dissect flowers. Along the way, we’ll learn about ecosystems, pollination, insect-plant relationships, capillary action, and much more.

Please note: this workshop really is messy and requires some forethought!

Young botanists and entomologists will need:
– a sunny windowsill to grow plants
– to choose whether to hatch their mantis egg sacs indoors (in a jar or other container) or select a spot outdoors (outer windowsill, garden corner)

In addition to the original material pick-up, BASEC will supply and deliver some materials (live flowers) on the day the materials are needed.

This class is designed for students in Grades 3-5.

*Workshop materials are included with purchase and will be made available for pick up (see below)

Material Pick Up Location and Times

Burbank Elementary at parking lot door (266 School Street, Belmont)

February 26th, 3:30-5PM

Please call 781-296-2471 with questions!

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