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Microbe Madness – Grades 3 – 4

in: Burbank on: Thursday
meets: 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4, 4/11
time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Teeny tiny lifeforms surround us.  They swim in our water. They feast on the bits between our teeth. They slowly cover that forgotten piece of bread.  And they mostly go unnoticed – well, at least until it is time to make a sandwich! In order to take a closer look, students will learn basic culturing and slide mounting methods.  After a whirlwind tour of fungi, bacteria and protists, students will design experiments to investigate a question of their choice; whether it is comparing what microbes like to eat or which hand sanitizer is the deadliest killer.  This workshop is GROSS with a capital G and not for students with weak stomachs. Ola is the BASEC @ Burbank STEM Specialist.

Instructor: Ola Jachtorowicz

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